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Irish Employees cost economy €700m every year on social networking while at work

On Thursday, Ireland’s most popular recruitment website irishjobs.ie published the results of a survey which they carried out in order to discover the true cost of social networking sites to the Irish economy.
The results in my opinion were no surprise! They surveyed 1,000 members of the Irish workforce and found that over half of the Irish workers admitted to accessing social networking sites while at work. The workers admitted to using social networking sites to update profiles, tweet on twitter and share videos and pictures.
This survey would suggest that 65,000 employees in the Irish workforce are spending more than an hour per day tweeting, wall posting, messaging and sharing pictures and videos.
Valerie Sorohan, Marketing Manager of IrishJobs.ie shared her views on the results of the survey and said: “Our results clearly show that Irish workers are spending increased time whilst at work on social networking sites, which if left unchecked could have negative repercussions on the productivity of many companies across the country”.
I completely agree with Ms. Sorohan. As a regular user of facebook I can see how it becomes a habit for some people to check their facebook and twitter accounts regularly and sometimes without even realising how much working time they are losing out on as a result.
We are now seeing employers take action against the use of these social networking sites in the workplace as they implement technology which can stop workers from accessing these sites as well as implementing social networking policies – which is a great idea!
This will help put employer’s minds at ease and they can rest assured that their workers are being as productive as possible throughout a working day. Times are tough, the last thing an employer can afford is to carry lax staff.
What is the most worrying discovery of this survey is the calculation that this time which Irish workers are spending on social networking sites could potentially be costing the government over €700 million in lost work time per year.
So whether you are an employer or an employee it is important to realise the impact which these social networking sites are having on our economy and in the difficult times which we are in now it is worth a second thought!
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