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“Harassment and Sexual Harassment are so common within today’s workplace that they have become almost ‘normal’. Banter, craic, a bit of fun should never be at someone else’s expense. That’s not normal or at least it shouldn’t be. Don’t let your harassment be downplayed or normalised. Stand up to it.”


We help People who have been the victims of Bullying and Harassment at work to resolve their issues legally enabling them to either return to a safer more pleasant working environment or to move on having achieved a fair resolution with their employer.

“Do you dread going to work not simply because it’s your work, but because of the way you’re treated there?”


Too many people suffer in silence when experiencing bullying and harassment at work. It only makes sense, especially in times of financial crisis, that people suffering from workplace stress put up with it out of fear of losing their jobs and the comfort and security that goes along with them. But a hostile work environment does anything but actually provide comfort and security.

Another reason people put up with unacceptable work environments is that workplace bullying has sadly become the new norm. Victims of these behaviours are less likely to take the steps necessary to defend themselves when these situations seem to be acceptable to everyone else in the office. Those who don’t actively participate in bullying are only too willing to turn a blind eye, possibly relieved they’re not the ones being bullied. Or if someone in a position of authority is doing the bullying, employees quickly become accepting or even encouraging of bullying out of fear for their own jobs.

If your boss and colleagues don’t seem to be disgusted by these situations, please know that we are. Talk to us. We want to help lift the stress you’re carrying off your shoulders.

Is there someone at your workplace who treats you inappropriately, criticizes you unfairly, is constantly scrutinizing your work, or just generally makes your life miserable?

Do you lie awake at night fretting, or wake up in the morning with a sick stomach over what’s going to be thrown at you next?

That’s not right, it’s not acceptable, and you shouldn’t have to tolerate it.

Going to work isn’t anyone’s favourite activity, but it shouldn’t be something that makes you ill with stress or anxiety. Everyone is entitled to a safe and supportive workplace.

If you have in the past or are currently experiencing bullying or harassment in the workplace, we can help.

Every day of the week we hear workplace horror stories and act for clients in serious situations like this.

At Employment Matters, we’re here to help.