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Making a Claim

Employment law in Ireland has seen considerable changes and developments over recent years and in the since October 2016 there has been a dramatic change in the way employment cases are handled.

Employment law is a broad area and includes all areas of the employer / employee relationship.

Employment law in Ireland provides strong protection for employees who believe their rights have been breached.

What should I do if I want to make a Claim?

All employees have rights in the work place and it is imperative that you as an employee are aware of your rights.

These rights are governed mainly by legislation specifically in a large number of statutory Acts.  For example the Unfair Dismissals Act deals with an employee’s rights were that employee has been dismissed from work and has at least 12 months employment.  The Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Act stipulates that an employee is entitled to notice on the termination of employment.  To find out more please navigate through the below listings of some of the legislation in Ireland which protects employees and simplified details of your rights and entitlements under each Act.

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