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Mediation is an internationally recognised process whereby a neutral and impartial person facilitates the parties in a dispute to explore the dispute and where possible assist them in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement or settlement.

The mediator is not there to judge, he won’t say that one person is right and the other wrong, nor is she there to tell those involved in the mediation what they should do.  The mediator is simply in charge of the process seeking to resolve the problem.  She will not influence the outcome.  The Mediator works to defuse hostile attitudes, remedy miscommunications and to soften or eliminate extreme negotiating positions.

Here at Employment Matters we can help you by empowering each party to negotiate their own agreement on a clear and informal basis, should you wish to do so.

Mediation distinguishes itself from other approaches to conflict resolution such as litigation in a number of ways.  Mediation is informal, flexible, voluntary, morally binding but has no legal status and most importantly it is confidential. Mediation is the path to follow if you want a speedy and less expensive way to solve any disagreements.

According to the Labour Relations Commission, the mediation process improves communication, narrows outstanding issues, defuses emotions and defines area of agreement, leading to successful resolutions in 80% of cases.