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Protected Disclosure

I have never felt so let down and betrayed…

Our Client MOR worked for a Global pharmaceutical company for 17 years on the production line. MOR’s grandson had a stent fitted due to heart problems and because his employer manufactured stents like the one his grandson had fitted, MOR was pretty fanatical about health and safety at work. You don’t want to curt corners with things that are going to be put inside someone’s body! Unfortunately MOR’s employer was not quite as vigilant and MOR repeatedly witnessed breaches of proper protocol not only by his work colleagues but by management too. MOR always made a point of highlighting any failings or shortcomings in work practices. At first the Company welcomed this but they soon realised that by pointing out these failures MOR (and others) were, at times, causing delays in the manufacturing process while these shortcomings were addressed.

Now you’d think that a global pharma giant would recognise their own responsibility to comply with their obligations but No…MOR was eventually sacked by the Company. This was just days after he made a complaint to the Health and Safety Authority about what he believed were more significant breaches of health and safety. The Company trumped up a charge against him, a micky mouse issue and dismissed him, when in all the time he had raised concerns, not one person was ever dismissed or even sanctioned.

We lodged claims for MOR under the Protected Disclosures (whistleblowing) Act and the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act as well as an Unfair Dismissal claim. These claims go to the Workplace Relations Commission first and then they can be appealled to the Labour Court.

MOR will have the last word and the Company will be sorry they ever messed with him. That’s a promise to him.

If you have suffered unfair treatment because of issues you have raised at work such as in relation to Health and Safety or your employer’s legal obligations you might need some help to address this. We can help you to make your voice heard. To find out more about your rights, please call us on 1890 88 90 90 or email info@employment-matters.ie.