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Are you suffering from severe back pain caused by work-related activities? How can you overcome back pain at work?

If an employee suffers from chronic back-ache which developed at work for the following reasons:

  • The spine and neck muscles are sprained due to an incorrect sitting position such as using an uncomfortable office chair, or a low height chair which is fixed and not movable or wrong position of the computer
  • The employee is made to sit for consecutive long hours without breaks
  • The employee lifts heavy stuff or lifting objects in a wrong manner

According to the Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005 the employer is under a legal duty to provide a healthy and safe workplace. This includes designing the workplace in a way to ensure a healthy and comfortable work environment to the employees. By law, the employer must assess the risks that may cause harm or damage to the employees and take preventive measures to control or eradicate the potential risks of harm.

Therefore, as indicated above work-related back pains caused due to the negligence of the employer; the employer must take reasonable steps to prevent back pain and back injury at work. The employer must provide the employee with a flexible comfortable office chair that gives a good support to the back. Also short breaks must be given during long working hours to give a rest to the back. Lastly, if the job includes lifting heavy items at work, the employer must guide the employee the correct manner of lifting the heavy items. Also the employer must appoint an expert to assess whether the objects that need to be pushed or lifted at work are not excessively heavy which may cause back injury or problems to employees.

Back injury at work caused due to the negligence of the employer

The common back injuries at work are caused by accident such as falling from height by climbing a ladder at work place for painting or hanging etc. By performing unsafe and risky tasks this type of accident can result in serious injuries such as fracture to back-bone, hip bone and neck. Falling on a slippery floor and landing on your back can also result in a serious injury to back. Similarly, employee falling on a patchy, rough or bumpy stair case which causes injury to back.
By law, the employer should assess the risks at workplace. The higher the probability of harm the more protective measures must be taken to prevent it. As indicated above if a staircase is in a bad condition at work place which is commonly used by all the employees, there is a greater potential of harm caused to the employee. The employer must get it renovated or reconstructed to prevent injuries. Similarly, the employer must prevent allocating tasks to employees that are risky and unsafe.

If you have suffered back injury or back pain at workplace, you can make a legal claim for compensation from your employer.