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Why be the Victim of a Narrow-Minded Employer?

A person who discriminates unlawfully will rarely do so overtly and will not leave evidence of the discrimination within the claimant’s power of procurement. Hence, the normal rules of evidence must be adapted in such cases so as to avoid the protection of anti-discrimination laws being rendered nugatory by obliging claimants to prove something which is beyond their reach and which may only be in the respondent’s capacity of proof.

Discrimination is defined as the treatment of a person in a less favourable way than another person is, has been or would be treated in a comparable situation. However, it is only considered illegal if your less favourable treatment is based on any of the below 9 grounds:

  1. Gender;
  2. Marital status;
  3. Family status;
  4. Sexual orientation;
  5. Religion;
  6. Age;
  7. Disability;
  8. Race; or
  9. Membership of the Traveller Community.

It is these 9 grounds that are protected as we consider these to be aspects of people’s lives that are impossible to change or those that make that person to be the person that they are and therefore asking one to change these aspects of themselves would be unreasonable.

Claims brought under the Acts include:

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