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You have a right to equal pay for equal work

We hear more about the gender payback now than ever before. Some of our best known TV personalities including Sharon Ni Bheolain in RTE and Sinead Desmond in TV3 have resigned their positions because of the equal pay issue.

According to information released by the Sunday Independent in June 2017, it was revealed that Sharon Ni Bheolain was paid €60,000 salary per year while her male counterpart Bryan Dobson more than double that, roughly €140,000 salary per year. Where is the justice in that? The scandal caused havoc in RTE Studios and put the station in the firing line.

Unfortunately, the above is more common than we think. Every case is just not as public as this one. However, now that this is common knowledge, we are meeting more and more woman willing to talk about it.

You have the right to equal pay for like work

Like work in this case is:

  1. when the employee works in the same or similar conditions as another employee,
  2. is interchangeable with the work of another employee
  3. is of equal value to the work performed by another employee

The areas in which we have seen the biggest gender pay gap is in labour intense areas or ‘elementary jobs’ such as cleaners, labourers and any heaving lifting or strenuous work. Although we understand the old perceptions that women are not always capable of doing such labour intensive works, this gender pay gap of 38.7% in these areas just show that even those women that are capable and are choosing to do these jobs are still being paid more than one-third less than their male counterparts.

Irish people, in particular, are reluctant to discuss wages or money of any kind so finding out what your follow colleagues salary is may be a tough ask. However, should you have a free talking colleague who is willing to give you this information and you discover a significant difference for the same job, you may have a case for equal pay.

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