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Agency Workers

Agency Workers

Have you been treated unfairly as an Agency Worker?

Are you an Agency worker who was paid or is being paid less than a full-time permanent employee in a comparable position?

Our Client Eric McGrath was an agency worker who worked for the HSE and did all the same duties that his permanent colleagues did. He answered the phone, filed X-rays, prepared charts for clinics and was assigned to and supervised in these tasks by hospital management.

Eric was however paid far less than the permanent HSE employees doing the exact same tasks. The only difference being that Eric was placed in the hospital by an Agency. We believed that this less favourable treatment was a breach of the Temporary Agency Work Act, 2012. We were right and the Labour Court awarded Eric €25,000 in back-pay and compensation.

To download a copy of the decision in Eric’s case please click here.

“When I came in to see Sean, I didn’t even realise that I had a case like this. I just thought I was owed a few quid for my holidays. I never expected to get the result that they achieved for me” EMcG, Waterford

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