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Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination

Have you been treated differently at work because of your age? We help older employees who have been treated less favourably at work because of their age, to challenge that treatment and vindicate their right to be treated with dignity and respect at work and to remain in their jobs where they are perfectly capable of doing them.

Have you been made to feel like your surplus to requirements because of your age? Have you been dismissed because you reached a certain age despite the fact that you continue to be perfectly capable of doing your job? Don’t tolerate discrimination, stand up for your rights. Make your voice heard.

Recently the EU and Ireland as a result have recognised the new realities of modern life. People ae working longer and living longer. Older people are not just fit to shuffle off but have huge experience and productivity to offer in the workplace. A 68 year old book-keeper could have as much if not more to offer than a 25 year old doing the same job! So why treat people differently just because of their age?

Here’s how this works in practice

When our Client Katherine was dismissed from work because of her age she contacted us.

We lodged a claim with the workplace relations commission on Katherine’s behalf, we drafted comprehensive legal submissions and attended her hearing with her. We challenged her employer on her behalf. We put it up to them that what they had done was unlawful.

The adjudicator agreed with us and awarded Katherine €12,000.

“When I was let go from work just because I was 65, I was initially embarrassed and annoyed, I didn’t know where to turn, I thought that was it and then I began to look at my options. Myself confidence was bruised but I knew I had been treated badly. I contacted employment-matters and they were great.

Eventually when my case was reported on in the Irish Times I knew I had done the right thing. I got compensation from my employer but that was not what this was about. I got my confidence back and am now back working full time with a better employer. I couldn’t have done that without the support of employment matters”

KO’G, 67, Waterford

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About Us:

We are Employment Law specialists. This means that when you come to us, you get advice from experts in Employment Law (and in fact Equality law), not general practitioners who may not be up to speed with the complexities of this fast-changing area of law.

We can advise you as to your rights when you are reaching retirement age and how best to ensure that your employer respects your employment rights. If you are in the unfortunate position that your employer has treated you unfairly, we act for many clients in the exact same position as you. We will ensure that you get what you deserve.

We have proven success negotiating the prompt settlement of claims and we ensure your pay-out meets or exceeds equivalent compensation claims. We provide guidance and support so you understand the claims process, and we act in an open and transparent manner so you keep control of your claim.

If you are considering bringing a claim, there is a general 6 month time limit for referring complaints to the Workplace Relations Commission.

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What to do Next:

You must move quickly as there is a six-month time limit on taking a claim, and no one wants to see an unlawful employer get away with one.

Call us now on 1890 88 90 90 for a free no-obligation consultation or to arrange an appointment with us to review your case. Don’t put up with this type of treatment. Make sure your employer knows you won’t tolerate it. We’ll hold the megaphone, you make your voice heard.

Whether you are seeking general advice regarding discrimination at work when you are expecting a child or if you are concerned that your rights may have been infringed, it is important to take action quickly.

IMPORTANT: Remember if you are considering bringing a claim, there is a strict 6-month time limit for referring complaints to the Workplace Relations Commission.

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