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Marital Status

Have you been listening to nagging since you made this new commitment?

Is your boss tormenting you in your job? There’s no room for Family Status Discrimination in the Workplace.

Hey, we’re all for being friends with your colleagues. Every Do’s and Dont’s of Working in an Office’ says the same couple of things.

  1. Don’t eat smelly food at your desk.
  2. Don’t write passive aggressive notes and hang them over the overflowing bin
  3. Don’t divulge too much personal information to colleagues


  1. Nobody wants to smell your horrible prawn curry
  2. Writing your passive aggressive notes isn’t going to empty the bin
  3. Someone may, for some unknown reason, take issue with the fact that you are unmarried or married.

We don’t understand it either. However, if you do find yourself in that situation, please know that you have rights.

We’ve had women, in particular, come to us and tell us that their boss has taken issue with the fact that they have three children and are not married. We have also had women come to us and tell us that once they left work for two weeks to get married, upon his return he wasn’t being treated equally at all. We’ve heard it all!

Discrimination based on Marital Status usually comes hand in hand with Family Status Discrimination. Marital Status is one of nine protected grounds under which you cannot discriminate. Unfortunately, it is common that we see children being dragged into conversations like those mentioned above. If you are anyway unsure or uncomfortable with how you are being treated in this respect, do let us know and we can advise you accordingly.


What does your Marital Status have to do with how well you do your work? Do they have a problem that you may need a couple of weeks off to get married? Or are they just vexed because they weren’t invited? Regardless, we can ensure that your employer knows he cannot treat you this way in future.

Firstly, we ask you to send in your query via the form box above. From this, one of our team will call you back to discuss your employment issue. Our staff can give you the advise you need to fix your issue where possible.

If you think your employment issue has progressed past the point of repair, we will organise an appointment for you to meet a member of our staff and tell you what we can do to help.


You must move quickly as there is a six-month time limit on taking a claim, and no one wants to see an unlawful employer get away with one.

Call us now on 051 841 641 or enter your details in the form provided for a free no-obligation consultation or to arrange an appointment with us to review your case. Don’t put up with this type of treatment. Make sure your employer knows you won’t tolerate it. We’ll hold the megaphone, you make your voice heard.

Whether you are seeking general advice regarding discrimination at work when you are getting married or if you are concerned that your rights may have been infringed, it is important to take action quickly. Contact Employment-Matters.