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Pregnancy related discrimination is wrong.

We can help you stand up to an unscrupulous employer: for you, your family and other women out there not strong enough to…So stand Up, Speak Up and Have Your Voice Heard!

Pregnant at Work rights“I loved my job. I was working towards a promotion and more and more responsibilities were being given to me. I was a high-performer, on the fast-track until I announced I was pregnant and everything changed.”

“I announced I was pregnant and then everything changed”. Sound familiar? It’s not the first time we’ve heard something like that…and if you’re reading this it’s probably relevant to you too.

If you’re struggling to get over how you could have been treated so disrespectfully by someone you had worked so hard for. Or if you lie awake at night fretting about how you are going to provide for your family. Or you wake up in the morning with a sick stomach over what’s happened to you or what’s going to be thrown at you next. Or maybe you just want to teach your former employer a lesson, that they can’t treat women like this…then maybe we can help.

Don’t accept unfair treatment at work just because you’re a woman.

Enough is Enough. Even after all of the recent controversies, the #Metoo Campaign, the high-profile sackings in Hollywood, the resignations in Westminster, the hand wringing in high office…nothing has changed, gender discrimination in the workplace is still at epidemic levels. It is sometimes shocking to find out how common discrimination against pregnant women is in our ‘modern’ society.

I watched as everything I had been working so hard for, was destroyed.”

Sean Ormonde, Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

Sean Ormonde, Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer, Founder of Employment Matters.

While you may feel that you are all alone and powerless trying to fight against this type of outrageous behaviour, you’re Not.

Employment laws are there to protect you and bind employers.  That’s a wonderful thing but it is too often ignored.  It’s a fact that too many employers still pay lip service to women’s right in work and your employer or former employer, like so many others, may have decided to simply ignore those rights and basic entitlements.

Here’s what one lady said about her experience;

After I told my boss I was pregnant, suddenly everything I did wasn’t good enough. Eventually I was told that there was to be a reorganisation and that my role was being made redundant. No-one else was affected. I felt so humiliated and undervalued. My confidence was totally destroyed that an employer had deemed me so disposable. It was mortifying. Six months later they hired a man to do the job I had been doing. Same job title, same responsibilities. I was simply discarded like an old sock.”

She felt like she was discarded like an old sock…

Many women simply accept this as an unfortunate fact of life. It’s the way of the World and who are they to change it? But, that’s not right, it’s not acceptable, and you shouldn’t have to tolerate it. Not least because it’s against the law. Going to work isn’t anyone’s favourite activity, but it shouldn’t be something that’s treated as an entitlement, at the gift of someone and which can be taken away from you at a whim and simply because of your gender.

Often mothers returning to work after maternity leave will be faced with the unacceptable situation where their job has changed dramatically, is no longer there for them in its previous form or worse that there’s no job at all to return to. Perhaps the employer expects them to resume working in a different less favourable role. Employers sometimes go so far as to dismiss an employee outright because of their pregnancy.

Everything was wrong, she started asking me to keep records of things I had never had to before. She was being so unreasonable that I once asked her to give me an example of what she wanted me to do, but she downright refused.”

When your maternity leave comes to an end, you are entitled to return to work with your employer in the same job as the one you left. You cannot be discriminated against for having a baby.

It wasn’t about the money. When I was let go by my former employer simply because of my pregnancy I was just so devastated that someone could act like that and just wanted them to realise they can’t treat people in this way.”

Christine McDermott Age 29, Waterford, Mother of a beautiful little girl

Our Client Christine was working as a care assistant in Waterford with a well-known Irish employment agency. During her time with the Agency she was always well thought of and extremely busy. She could work upwards of 45 hours a week and there was never a shortage of work to go around. At least until Christine informed her employers of her pregnancy, that is. Then all of a sudden, wouldn’t you know it, Christine was surplus to requirements.

She told me “I have never felt so let down and betrayed at such an important time in my life”. Her hours were significantly reduced and ended up eventually drying up altogether. Nothing else had changed. Her co-workers were still rushed off their feet and staff who had been recruited after her continued to work full-time hours. All that had changed was that Christine was expecting a baby. Christine eventually resigned in frustration.

We lodged a claim for her with the WRC.

We did all the necessary preparatory work, including corresponding with her former employer and we attended her hearing with her in the WRC in Carlow. Her former employer also attended and vigorously fought their corner. The WRC agreed with us and awarded Christine €17,500. But best of all, Christine felt vindicated, she had had the courage to stand up to her former employer and to take back the power.

More and more women like Christine are coming forward, you see, the loss of your employment, like your pregnancy is a life changing event. It happens at a time when you are vulnerable and you need support, not some jerk exploiting your helpless state.

But you can redress the balance.

The actions you take now and the choices you make, will not only have a big impact on your own life, but could also affect how other women are treated in the future. The future is in your hands. You can choose to walk away and simply suffer your situation in silence or you can be proactive, stand up for yourself and take control of it.

Take control…

To take control you need information and advice from an experienced and trusted advisor which will allow you to understand your rights and make informed decisions about how to proceed.

Our dedicated team was handpicked for their experience working on behalf of women in these situations. We have the legal experience required to give you the best advice and are experienced at resolving these types of claims quickly and effectively – often without you having to face the emotional drain of a legal battle in the WRC and the legal fees and risks that go with that. We understand the emotional pressure and stress you are going through and can help ease the trauma of it all. Our aim is to work for you to achieve the best possible outcome so that you can move on with your life.

Our service is confidential, discrete and tailored to each client to fit their individual needs and we will never disclose your information to others. Out of hours appointments are available if required.

Don’t be silenced.

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