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Whether your have strong Religious Beliefs or are completely against it, discriminating against you because of it constitutes Religious Discrimination, which is a breach of your right under the Employment Equality Act.

In a Multi-cultural society, it is impossible not to meet those from different areas of the world, all of which have different methods of praise.

In 2019, we find it hard to understand why Religion is still a topic of discussion in workplaces. At interview stage, you should not be asked about your Religious beliefs and nor should you express them for your own sake. We often assume that you will only be discriminated against because of your strong religious beliefs in our current society but however, in many parts of Ireland where in Catholic community is stronger, we see employees being ostracized because of their non-belief. ‘How on Earth could they be so naïve as to think there is no God?’ But it works both ways.

What can we do?

To be discriminated based of your Religious views is an infringement on your rights as an employee under the Employment Equality Act 1998-2015. Knowing this, we encourage you to bring the issue to HR or Management attention and if the situation is not rectified, lodge claims with the Workplace Relations Commission.

An Employment-Matters staff member can attend any mediation process with you and guide you through what to expect as the process unfolds. We will work with you to decide, if you are seeking compensation as your terms of redress, what level of compensation you should be willing to accept for what you have gone through. Although I’m sure it is impossible to put a financial figure on what you have experienced, in many cases the only form of redress is compensation that comes alongside the pleasure knowing you have thought your employer a lesson. We will work with you to manage your expectations and tell you what is and what is not realistic.

What is next?

You must move quickly as there is a six-month time limit on taking a claim, and no one wants to see an unlawful employer get away with one.

Call us now on 051 841 641 or enter your details in the form provided for a free no-obligation consultation or to arrange an appointment with us to review your case. Don’t put up with this type of treatment. Make sure your employer knows you won’t tolerate it. We’ll hold the megaphone, you make your voice heard.

Whether you are seeking general advice regarding discrimination at work when you are getting married or if you are concerned that your rights may have been infringed, it is important to take action quickly. Contact Employment-Matters.