Our Job Is To Get You Compensation You Deserve

The Workplace Relations Commission is your first independent port of call to resolve your employment issues.

This is where an independent Adjudicator will listen to both sides of the story and follow up with a decision in writing.

The process starts by lodging your claims with the Workplace Relations Commission should your internal HR or Management not be able to resolve the issue. We encourage anyone with an employment issue to attempt to resolve the issue by exhausting the companies grievance procedure before going down the WRC route. This will show the Adjudicator that you have tried your best to resolve the issue internally first. It will also make you look like a reasonable employee to have stayed in work throughout this whole process.

Should you need to go to the Workplace Relations Commission, we will happily help you in filling out the form. In order to complete this form, you will need your own personal details, the companies legal name – if you do not know this we will help you with this, and the name and contact details of HR or Management in the company.

The next step is to brief a barrister about your case and work with them to draft your submissions. The WRC require a copy of your submissions in advance of your hearing. We will develop these and submit them for you. Your contact in our office and your Barrister together will attend the hearing with you and will give you ample briefing in advance as what to expect. We will be with you the whole way.


On the day of the hearing, we will meet you well in advance to go through your story once more. We will explain what questions we will be asking you and how you answer them. As your Representative, we cannot ask you any leading questions, but only ask you open-ended questions that you can freely answer. We will talk through all of this in advance of your trial.

The Adjudicator will decide which route they would like the trial to go, formally or informally. Some Adjudicators may ask us simply to read through the submissions and ask us questions at the end. Other Adjudicators may ask us to go through each claim one by one and present evidence on each matter, giving the other side the opportunity to ask us questions on each.

Once all areas have been covered, we may be asked to make closing statements which is our last opportunity to make your voice heard before the hearing ends. Use this opportunity to tell your employer how they made you feel. We’ll hold the megaphone, you make your voice heard!


The decision from the Workplace Relations Commission will come by post to your Representative’s office to which we will make it known to you. Both sides have the right to appeal this decision to the Labour Court for four weeks after it has been issued.

Should you lose your case, we have the option to appeal. We will sit you and tell you the good, the bad, explain the risk and tell whether we think it is or is not worth your time. We are passionate about getting you the best result possible and therefore want to do whatever we can to get you the best overall award should it be compensation you want.

If you have an employment issue that you would like to speak to us about, please call us on 051 841 641 or fill out or form and a member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.