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Unfair or constructive dismissal pulls the rug out from under people; leaving their confidence in ruins.

We have a team of experienced and passionate solicitors & legal experts who fight daily for people just like you to put the power back in their hands.

You are not alone and you don’t have to feel alone anymore. Powerful change doesn’t come in a tidal wave; it comes with individuals just like you standing up and saying that enough is enough. Today is the day you take action, change your circumstances and pursue the outcome you deserve.

Why are people expected to put up and shut up?

Our Client's Story

“When I approached Employment Matters I was at the end of my tether. I had been working in an environment that left me shaken to the core; my confidence was on the floor and I had no clue what options were available to me. The minute I met Séan and the team I felt floods of relief as I knew I finally had someone fighting in my corner.

The WRC process wasn’t an easy one, but having the right people beside you is the best thing you can ask for. While it was fantastic at the end of the process to walk away with a win, it was the restoration to my confidence that meant the most. I wasn’t wrong. I was mistreated. And having that proven in the WRC was one of the strongest things I have ever done.”

Tamara, Co. Meath

Knowledge Is Power

Equip yourself with the most comprehensive knowledge so that you can make the right decision, for you. This guide is completely free, and is tailored for employees – just like you – who want to know more about their rights & the claims process

You deserve better

Nobody should have to endure working in an environment
that makes them sick, sad and scared.

We have your back

Unfair or constructive dismissal is fraught with confusion and a lack of confidence. You are often in the worst mindset to even begin a fight with an employer. Handing that process over to a team of passionate experts will give you an immediate sense of control and relief.

Your voice will be heard

Are you ready to feel awesome?!

We love watching our clients flourish when they finally reconnect with their voices. We are ready to make your story un-ignoreable!

We know how it feels

We have seen hundreds of discrimination cases, so we have seen the very real impacts this can have on your spirit. We will support and guide you through the entire process.

You and this army!

Meet the team who will be with you
every step of the journey

Seán Ormonde

Principal Solicitor

Seán is the principal of Employment Matters, a boutique employee-focused law firm based in Waterford City but servicing the entire South East as well as Dublin. Seán is a qualified solicitor with a Masters Degree in Marketing from the UCD graduate school. Seán also holds a Diploma in Commercial Law from the Law Society and a diploma in the Law of eCommerce.

Melissa Wynne

WRC Consultant

Melissa handles our employment law cases in the WRC and Labour Court with the help of our experienced in house Solicitors and instructed Barristers. She returned to college in 2019 when she obtained an Advanced diploma in Applied Employment Law from the
King’s Inns, a course she undertook while working full time.
Melissa brings a level of practicality to the job and seeks to remove the jargon so heavily associated with legal cases. Her success record ranges from cases against the HSE, big pharma, and some of Ireland’s largest retail and motor companies.

A team dedicated to you

We are a speciality law firm focusing solely on employment law, especially Discrimination, Harassment, Unfair Dismissals, Redundancy, Whistleblowing, Health & Safety and Data Protection and Privacy. In the last two years we have acted in over 80 cases and cost employers over €1 million in awards alone. 

We specialise in Employment law so our team knows all there is to know about it. They have been trained extensively and have the confidence, experience and passion to run a case in the WRC & Labour Court. We’ve been there and certainly have the t-shirt.

We are a team of humans and we bring humanity to everything we do, so we won’t speak to you like you’re an idiot or drown you in jargon. Our clients come to us primarily because of our experience and track record but also because they know that above all else, we have their back. 

Our primary goal is to achieve an expeditious and economic result while ensuring that you are confident and informed every step of the way.

We won’t be bullied or intimidated by your employer or anyone else. We’ve seen them all before!

In particular, we focus on helping you resolve your employment issues efficiently and effectively and ensuring that this never happens again to anyone else.

So if you want to learn more about how we can help you, book a commitment-free intro call today.

Are you ready to take back your power?

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We get to work

The beauty of having a legal team in your corner is that once you hand over all the relevant info to us you can just sit back and let us lead you through the legal process, supported every step of the way.

Get an outcome you deserve

It may sound a million miles away from where you are now, but you can get excited about putting all this behind you and moving on with your life.

Our Client's Story

“I was devastated that my career had come to an end because of the actions of a small number of people in a large organisation. The problem was that this was ignored at the top and I was simply abandoned by my employer. I felt that no-one cared and then a friend referred me to Employment Matters. While the process was daunting, to have them with me every step of the way made it far easier to handle. Their professionalism and competence blew me (and my former employer) away. At times, they seemed to know more about my case than I did! Anyway, I’m so glad I did it and I was vindicated. The money was nice but the thought that I had won was worth more than anything.”

Our client’s name has been kept confidential at her request

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