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Specialist Employee Focused Employment Law Solicitors.

We act for Employees only!

Whatever your Employment Law issue, you can trust us to make your voice heard. 

We are a specialist, employee-focused legal firm acting for clients who have employment-related legal issues. Our skilled and experienced team can guide you through the complexities of Irish employment law, navigating the claims process to give you a voice. If necessary, we are capable of taking necessary legal action on your behalf.

Every year we take cases for numerous clients who have been treated unfairly at work, including being discriminated against, harassed or victimized, or who have been fired without a valid reason.

If you have faced an unfair dismissal, are being bullied, harassed or victimised at work (or were forced to quit your job), suffered a workplace injury or a redundancy, then contact us to know your legal rights.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to help you assess the viability of your claim and to outline all available options. 

Every single day we help people just like you to take their cases to the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court.

In order to achieve the outcome you deserve, you should always hire professionals that are experienced in dealing with the exact issue you face.

Our team has extensive experience dealing with the WRC and Labour Court and we have expertise in all of the areas of employment law that you can imagine.

We will make the process easier for you to navigate and start by establishing if you have a claim or not.  If you do, we work closely with you to make that claim on your behalf.

Time is of the essence, and you only have a short period of time to pursue your employer for their wrongdoing.

Employment Law Specialists

Our team has expertise in employment law; every year we help hundreds of employees who were treated unfairly at work and help to right any wrongs that employers have committed. If you are having difficulty with your employer, or you feel that you have been treated unfairly, please do not hesitate to contact us by completing the attached form or by freephone in 1-890-88-9090 for a no-obligation discussion to find out how the law can protect you from your specific issue.

Our specialist team of employment advisors will listen to your issue and explain to you whether or not they believe your employer has broken the law. If the employer has broken the law, we can guide you through your legal recourse options. If it is in your best interest to take a case to the employment tribunal, our team of in-house litigators will support you through the entire process.

Fill in the query form or call us on 051 841 641 or email us today at info@employment-matters.ie to get your Claim started.