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Don't Get Angry

Get Justice.

We are specialists in Employment Law.

Whatever your situation is, we can help.

don't get angry

Get Justice.

We are specialists in Employment Law.

Whatever your situation is, we can help.

When will employers learn?

Despite all the progress that has been made to make modern workplaces more flexible, safe and employee-centred, there are some employers who simply don’t get it. They think they can get away with it all:

Fortunately for you, our team has seen it all and we are ready for every unsavoury trick in the Bad Employer Handbook.

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Unfair dismissal

Click here to learn how we can help with Unfair or Constructive Dismissal as well as unfair redundancy practices.

Sexual Harassment

Behaviour of this kind is unacceptable in any place of work, but you don't have to tolerate it any longer.


Discrimination comes in many forms. Click to learn how we can support with progressing any claim related to discrimination.

Data protection & privacy

Who is using your data and why? We are living in the age of data and you are protected by water-tight laws! Click to learn how we can help.

Workplace injury

You are entitled to be safe and protected in the workplace - this extends to your mental health too. If you have suffered an injury we can help.

Whistleblowing / protective disclosures

We help people who have been penalised for making a complaint of wrongdoing. Click to learn more.

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We are a speciality law firm focusing solely on employment law. Our team have been trained extensively and have the confidence, experience and passion to run a case in the WRC & Labour Court. We’ve been there and certainly have the t-shirt.

We are a team of humans and we bring humanity to everything we do, so we won’t speak to you like you’re an idiot or drown you in jargon.

Our clients come to us primarily because of our experience and track record but also because they know that above all else, we have their back. 

Our primary goal is to achieve an expeditious and economic result while ensuring that you are confident and informed every step of the way.

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