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What to do if you’re fired while on maternity leave

So, you had a baby…Congratulations! And you took your maternity leave because that’s what you’re legally entitled to do. But then throughout that maternity leave you were stuck dealing with a whining, crying needy little brat with no respect for … Continue reading

Pregnant at Work? Know your Rights!

We’ve all heard the horror stories about your friend who announced she was pregnant and suddenly ‘wasn’t ‘a right fit for the company’. Since the #MeToo movement there has been a growing awareness surrounding how women are treated in the … Continue reading

Sexual Harassment at work results in €45,000 payout

It is by no means a surprise to think that sexual harassment at work is common. With the rise of the high profile ‘Me Too’ and ‘Times Up’ movements, sexual harassment at work and female issue’s are at the top … Continue reading

Tracker Mortgage Scandal; “I’ll get these *ankers said the Governor of the Central Bank…”

Like Not Once, Never… I can’t tell you how infuriated I am by the recent hand-wringing in Government and high office in relation to the tracker mortgage Scandal. That’s right a Scandal with a capital ‘S’! (To be distinguished from … Continue reading

Redundancy and unfair selection for redundancy

It is important in considering a redundancy situation and in particular where one or a number of employees is to be selected for redundancy out of a larger group of employees all engaged for the same purpose that a thorough … Continue reading

“Part-time Staff can’t afford to work more than 20 hours per week!”

It is nearly true to say now that Ireland’s social welfare system is in a complete diabolical state. The latest headline to reach the Sunday paper is “Part-time staff ‘can’t afford’ to work more hours” and this proves my opening … Continue reading

Have you been the victim of an unfair dismissal or has your employment been terminated in an unfair or unjust manner?

Is your employer treating you in such a way as to make your position untenable which could lead to Constructive dismissal? Have you been unfairly selected for redundancy while others who arrived to the company after you, or who are … Continue reading

Constructive Dismissals – Information & Advice

Constructive dismissal is defined in section 1 of the Unfair Dismissal Act 1977 as: “the termination by the employee of his contract of employment with his employer whether prior notice of the termination was or was not given to the … Continue reading

Mediating Employment Disputes…

In the current economy, more individuals and companies are hoping to reduce costs and increase settlement options while resolving employment disputes. Both employees and employers are looking for ways to keep expenses to a minimum while maintaining the integrity of … Continue reading

Absenteeism Costs small Business €563 million per annum…

A new report just published by the Small Firms Association has shown that absenteeism in Ireland costs small firms some €563 million per annum. The study conducted by the Small Firms Association was conducted throughout Ireland and covered all sectors … Continue reading