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If you suffered an accident or injury at work, you may be entitled to compensation.

That includes all types of injuries and accidents whether it be a back injury, slip, trip or fall, eye injury, industrial disease, work-related stress or any other type of workplace injury.  If you went to work one day and came home with some injury or ailment caused by your workplace, why not get some expert advice?

“Thank you so much to Employment Matters, it was such a relief to be able to rely on you to deal with the insurance company and negotiate on my behalf, I never realised I could achieve anything like the settlement you got me, if it wasn’t for you I’d have taken the first thing that was offered.”

Catherine, 38, Dublin

What counts as an injury?

Work accidents are often preventable and employers have a duty of care towards their employees and a duty to act in a reasonable manner to provide you with a safe place of work.  

Employment law protects your rights if you’ve been injured at work and someone else is to blame.

Does this sound familiar?

This list is not exhaustive, there are many types of physical and emotional injuries at work that the law seeks to protect you from.

Feel supported from end to end as we navigate the complex legal process involved in getting you compensation.

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Personal Injury and Mental Distress

Like any physical injury caused by another, an individual is entitled to claim for mental injury caused by another’s negligence.

While an  employer is not required by law to provide a stress-free environment, they must conduct their business as a reasonable employer by staying on top of potential risks and preventing injurious mental distress.

How does it work?

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Then, if you do and you want to pursue it, we’ll help guide you through the complex process of making that claim.

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That said, you only have a limited time to lodge your complaint to the WRC or Labour Court, so act fast.

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