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Who has access to your Sensitive Personal Data…and what are they doing with it?

Modern Companies hold huge amounts of sensitive personal and financial data about their customers. 

While you may have voluntarily given that information to them, they still have a responsibility to ensure it’s safe, protected, and used correctly. 

Your employer also has a significant obligation to you.  If your personal information has been collected, stored, or used in breach of strict data protection and privacy laws, we can help you understand what your next steps should be.

You don’t need to be a GDPR expert

Most people have heard of GDPR and you may even know about the huge fines that can be imposed against organisations who put customers data at risk.  But what does that mean to you?  A big fine against them is of little comfort to you when your credit card details end up on the dark web.  Fines simply go to the Data Protection Commissioner’s coffers. The only way you can get compensation for such a breach is to take your own legal action.

Our Client JH was dismissed from his job as an electrician when his employer wrongly used a GPS tracker in his van to allege that he had been falsifying his time sheets. Not only was this simply not true, the Employer had never even consulted with him about the tracking and there was nothing in JH’s contract of employment or company handbook about it. Not only was this a cast iron case of unfair dismissal but JH’s data protection rights had also been breached.

“This wasn’t about the money, it was the principle of the thing. Not only was I not falsifying anything, the manner in which they went about it was disgusting and I could not stomach them getting away with that”

JH, Dublin

Ready to take a stand?

The HSE has much to answer for!

The recent hacking of the HSE systems shows just how damaging a data breach could be.  Just imagine all of your sensitive medical data ending up on the internet for everyone to see.  The HSE, having failed to take proper precautions for an attack like this, put every one of their patient’s data at risk.  Not only that but the criminals could also use the stolen data for other theft or fraud crimes against the affected patients.

Without even knowing it, you could be a victim of this huge data breach…

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