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a disability is a normal part of life

For people with disabilities, it’s not just hard getting a job, it can be a struggle to keep it and feel like your job is secure. People with Disabilities often find that they don’t get the same opportunities as others in the workplace.

Some people can acquire a disability as a result of an accident or through illness and they don’t realise they are protected under the Employment Equality Acts. An employer has an obligation not just to treat you equally, but they must also do whatever is “reasonably” possible to facilitate you and your disability.

“I want employers to see me before they see my disability…I want them to understand that a disability is a normal part of life”.

"We went through a lot of the usual Occ Health stuff and while they weren’t particularly helpful, I was focusing on my recovery and felt confident that I’d be able to return to work in the not-too-distant future. They sent me to a specialist around Christmas time and he was really positive about my prospects and felt confident that by the Spring, I would be likely to be fit to return to work. I was really happy and he suggested a further review in March of the following year. Things were looking up! And then I was called to a meeting and told that I was being dismissed on grounds of “capacity”. According to my employer, they could not “keep my job open indefinitely”. I was devastated. Thankfully, I got in touch with Employment Matters and Sean and his team were excellent. They guided me through the legal process and ultimately have won the case in the WRC, my former employer having appealed, agreed to settle the case. We even made it into the papers and I was awarded €35k!”

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Age-related discrimination can be seen almost everywhere

Discrimination due to age leaves people reeling and humiliated as their confidence is shattered.

Have you ever felt...

If any of this sounds familiar, you may be entitled to compensation. We see this every day and can give you impartial, expert advice – even if you haven’t left your job yet. 

discrimination due to pregnancy or maternity leave is endemic

Discrimination during or after maternity leave robs people of their power, their confidence and their peace of mind. It is a sad fact that in this day & age, women are still being discriminated against for starting families.

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Race discrimination is becoming more recognised - but it's not gone yet!

The Law provides that you should not be treated less favourably than someone else simply because of your race. So, in essence, that means that you should be treated in exactly the same way as any other person working in a comparable position to you in the workplace. Any less favourable treatment could be discriminatory and could lead to you being paid compensation.

This could mean

If any of this sounds familiar, you may be entitled to compensation. We see this every day and can give you impartial, expert advice – even if you haven’t left your job yet. 

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