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Unfairly Dismissed?

Time to make your voice heard.

Were you not given your rights? Just fired on the spot? No procedure or reason?

If after twelve months or more of dutifully showing up to work and doing everything asked of you, you were sacked with no warning, no consultation, no procedure and no reason, that’s just plain wrong.

So… we’re asking you to stand up for all those days the best bits of your lunch disappeared from the workplace fridge, and all those times you had to bite your tongue while someone blathered on about something stupid in a meeting.

Stand up for yourself and every time you and your colleagues were asked to do unreasonable and impossible tasks but found a way of doing them anyway. Stand up for every time you stayed back with no gratitude in return or all the times you took a phone call for your Manager and got screamed at.

Our Client from Dublin, JG – 48

JG worked as a bus driver for one of the country’s largest hotel groups.

Following a silly incident at the company Christmas party between him and a work colleague, JG was sacked for what the employer said was gross misconduct. JG had gotten into a row with a fellow worker who had burnt him with a cigarette. There was a minor scuffle, mickey mouse stuff. They’d both had a few drinks (which, by the way, were provided by their employer) and the incident between the two men quickly dissipated.

Being a responsible sort, JG immediately held up his hands and acknowledged what had happened. He apologised and confirmed that nothing of the sort would happen ever again.

The Company didn’t care. Zero tolerance, it seemed, (though the man with whom JG had rowed wasn’t even disciplined). The Company took what was a relatively trivial thing and blew it up into a major issue – they claimed he’d head-butted a security guard and had abused other members of the security team. None of this was true. JG was called to a meeting with one of the Directors and told that he was either to resign or be dismissed. Understandably, he was devastated.

You don’t have to be Employment Law specialists to know that this was wrong, but since we are Employment Law specialists, we knew JG had a good case for unfair dismissal.


Most when they call us, feel like Workplace Issues have left them in limbo in multiple aspects of their life. Not only is their future in their career now uncertain or gone entirely but they are bringing this stress and anger home to their partners, parents children and friends to take out their frustrations.

If you feel like you have exhausted all your other options and the legal route is your only option, you must move quickly. Generally, there is a 6-month time limit on taking a claim in the Workplace Relations Commission. We at Employment-Matters have unlimited experience in bringing Employers to the Workplace Relations Commission. We will meet you, go through your story, lodge your claims for you and keep you in the loop throughout the whole process.

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Regardless of your case’s details, we encourage employees to know their rights and ensure that your employer does not mess you around. Whether you are seeking general advice regarding your Employment Rights when you’ve been badly treated in work or if you are concerned that your rights may have been infringed, it is important to take action now.

Claim Types

Unfair DismissalUnfair Dismissal

It is astounding how often we are called by people who have been sacked without any consultation, procedure and without even having the chance to defend themselves properly. If you’ve been recently dismissed unfairly and you have 12 months employment, it’s almost certain that you’ll be entitled to

Constructive DismissalConstructive Dismissal

More and more, because of the difficulty in finding alternative employment, we see Employers putting severe pressure on employees and treating them in an inappropriate manner, which on many occasions can leave the employee with no alternative but to resign. If you’ve been forced out

"UnfairUnfair Selection for Redundancy

Many unscrupulous employers are using the recent recession as an excuse to replace “expensive” staff with a cheaper alternative. In a redundancy the role must cease to exist so if you’ve been replaced you will almost certainly be entitled to compensation