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According to the most recent Workplace Relations Commission Annual Report, the number of complaints referred under the Employment Equality legislation under the grounds related to Age increased by 176% from 186 in 2021 to 514 in 2022. 

This indicates that Age Discrimination is rising steeply in Ireland. But what exactly is age discrimination? It can involve being forced to retire when you reach a certain age despite your willingness to continue working, failing to secure a job because of a perception that you are too old, being passed over for promotion because of your age, or having changes made to your job because of age-related assumptions.

Ormonde Solicitors Employment Matters, the specialist solicitors for employees, presents an online event to inform people on what age discrimination is and what they can do about it. 

Neil Breheny

Neil Breheny, a senior solicitor with Ormonde Solicitors Employment Matters, will give a clear overview of what how age discrimination is defined, what an employer’s rights and responsibilities are and what protections there are for employees.  Neil will also give advice on what action can be taken if you believe you have been a victim of age discrimination.

Neil has 40 years of practical experience since his he became qualified as a solicitor, initially practicing in business and commercial work, which by its nature encompasses the many strands if employment law.  His association with Employment Matters goes back nearly a decade, initially advising and presenting case in the Workplace Relations Commission and Labour Court on their behalf and more recently when he joined the team and became a full time consultant with them.

This presentation is something close to his heart as he approaches the age when men and women worry about what may befall them when they reach “pensionable” age, but feel they still have much to offer. 

This webinar is free to attend, but you must register in advance. Attendees will be off-camera, and there will be the opportunity to ask questions. 

Webinar Details

  • Date: Wednesday 16th August
  • Time: 11:30 am
  • Cost: Free

When: Aug 16, 2023 12:00 PM Dublin

Topic: Age Discrimination webinar with Neil Breheny from Employment Matters.

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Passcode: 358716