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We know just how it feels to have something that you have worked so hard for taken away by an unfair employer.  If you were sacked with no warning, no consultation, no procedure or no valid reason, that’s just plain wrong.

It’s unfair, it’s degrading and it’s infuriating!

But most of all, it’s against the law.

So…stand up for all those others who didn’t have the strength to fight their cause, all those times you had to bite your tongue while someone blathered on about something stupid in a meeting. Get back what you’re owed for every instance in which you went above and beyond or performed duties that weren’t even in your job description just to keep your boss or colleagues happy…

It’s time to get your reputation back and Get your own back!

Contact us and we will help guide you through the complex system of employment law to help you recover your good name and reputation.

Take for example our Client from Dublin JG.

JG worked as a bus driver for one of the country’s largest hotel groups. Following a silly incident at the company Christmas party between him and a work colleague, JG was sacked for what the employer said was gross misconduct. JG had gotten in to a row with a fellow worker who had burnt him with a cigarette. There was a minor scuffle, mickey mouse stuff. They’d both had a few drinks (which, by the way, were provided by their employer) and the incident between the two men quickly passed.

Being a responsible sort, JG immediately held up his hands and acknowledged what had happened. He apologised and confirmed that nothing of the sort would happen ever again.

The Company didn’t care. Zero tolerance, it seemed, (although the man with whom JG had rowed wasn’t even disciplined). The Company took what was a relatively trivial thing and blew it up into a major issue. They claimed JG had head-butted a security guard and had abused other members of the security team. None of this was true. JG was called to a meeting with one of the Directors and told that he was either to resign or be dismissed. Understandably, he was devastated.

You don’t have to be Employment Law specialists to know that this was wrong, but since we are Employment Law specialists, we knew JG had a good case for unfair dismissal.

The Company had failed to follow any fair procedures. They had assumed JG’s guilt from day one and proceeded on that faulty basis. JG never got a fair crack of the whip and was eventually sacked for gross misconduct.

We fought the case for three days in the Employment Appeals Tribunal. Though it in no way makes up for what his Company did to him and all the hardships they caused in his life, JG got the satisfaction of seeing his former employer trying to explain what they had done and having to acknowledge that they had treated him in a grossly unfair way.

The EAT agreed with our assessment of the unfairness of this situation and awarded JG €25,000 in compensation.

I couldn’t believe it when this happened to me. I went to a number of solicitors and they all sided with my former employer. My life was ruined, my marriage failed and I lost my house. Worst of all, I thought that I’d just have to accept this, that this was my lot. Then I found Employment Matters. They took on my case and ran it for me from start to finish. It was never about the money but to see their HR Manager in that witness box…that was worth anything!”

JG, 48, Dublin

Having worked exclusively in the area of employment law and predominantly for employees, we have a proven Track Record in cases like these. And trust me we have seen most things!

We have proven success in negotiating the prompt settlement of claims and where an agreement can’t be reached amicably, we ensure that in running your case the outcome meets or exceeds equivalent claims. Over the years we have grown a team of expert employment law specialists supported by a number of barristers who specialize in the area.

But most of all, we know how daunting the prospect of taking on your former employer can be, how confusing an intimidating the legal process is; “Do I have to speak? Will my employer be there? will they ask me questions? what do I wear? We provide you with the guidance and support you need throughout the process from start to finish so that you understand the claims process at every step of the way so you keep control of your claim.

Don’t accept the way you’ve been treated, or take the blame for it. Let us get you what you’re due.

You must move quickly as generally there is a 6-month time limit on taking a claim in the Workplace Relations Commission.

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Don’t put up with this type of treatment. Make sure your employer knows that you won’t tolerate it. When the law is on your side you have every reason to make your voice heard.

Whether you are seeking general advice regarding your Employment Rights when you’ve been badly treated in work or if you are concerned that your rights may have been infringed, it is important to take action now.

IMPORTANT: Remember – if you are considering bringing a claim, there is a strict 6-month time limit for referring complaint of Unfair Dismissal to the Workplace Relations Commission.

Even if you are simply seeking to ensure that you receive your entitlements going forward, there may be an obligation on you to notify your employer in writing.

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