What Can I Claim For?

What Can I Claim For?

If your employer dismissed you, mistreated you, passed you over for promotion or you lost your job because of your pregnancy or some other protected ground or because you complained about how you were being treated, you could be entitled to redress.

If you have been the victim of unfair treatment, discrimination, bullying or harassment at work, the WRC process can seem daunting.  You may need some help navigating it and someone who has your back to face up to your tormenter.

While it may be that someone you work with is responsible for the mistreatment you suffered, your case will not be against them per se but against your employer for allowing you to suffer this treatment.

In law, there is a concept known as vicarious liability, which makes an employer responsible for the actions of an employee where that employee carries out some wrong, and the employer could have or should have prevented it. 

For example, if you find that one of your work colleagues is saying inappropriate things about you or to you and there is no policy to prevent such conduct or allow you to raise an issue like this, then your employer could be liable.

We specialise in employment law and act for employees who have been discriminated against, unfairly dismissed or badly treated at work.  Every year we help hundreds of employees who were discriminated against. So if;

  • You were dismissed while you were on maternity leave;
  • You were made redundant, while less skilled and newer people kept their jobs;
  • Your employer failed to renew your contract even though you were performing well in your role;
  • You were selected for redundancy because you were pregnant;
  • You asked for flexible working hours to help with family commitments and these were unreasonably refused;
  • You were harassed sexually or otherwise;
  • You were bullied or pushed out of your job;
  • Your employer changed fundamental terms of your employment without your consent or acted so unreasonably towards you so that your job was untenable;
  • You were victimised or penalised for speaking out;
  • You were dismissed on competence, capacity, or conduct grounds; or
  • You were treated less favourably than another member of staff in a similar role on grounds of your race, gender, age, disability, religion, family status, membership of the travelling community or marital status.

Then you may well be entitled to take action.

Our specialist team of employment advisors will listen to your case and then explain whether your employer has broken the law and your legal options. 

They will guide you through the steps involved and ensure you are given the best advice for your specific case.  If your advisor believes it is in your interest to take your case to an employment tribunal, our team will support you.

Our goal is always to achieve a fair outcome for our Clients, normally in compensation.

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