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What if I don’t have a Contract?

What if I don’t have an actual Employment Contract?

That doesn’t matter.  The law assumes that there is a basic contract in place and that many of the fundamental employment rights and protections are deemed to protect you even if there’s no written contract in place. Therefore even without a contract you still have rights as an employee and you may be entitled to compensation if those rights have been violated by your employer. Employment law in Ireland is comprehensive and provides a good level of protection for employees. Your employment relationship is essentially based on an implied contract of employment and there are certain rights, both express and implied, in that contract as well as employee rights that are guaranteed to every employee by legislation.  These rights still apply to you even if you don’t have a signed contract of employment.  To find out more about what is likely to be involved in your case and to get a free assessment of your case, please go here. However, let’s not put the cart before the horse, if you choose us, we will provide you with a preliminary assessment of your case and agree how you wish to proceed with you before engaging with anyone. We also advise clients to make a note in as much detail as possible of what happened to them.  It may take six to nine months for your case to be heard and it is always useful for you to have a note of what happened to remind you of anything that you might have forgotten because of the passage of time.  The better a record you keep of what happened to you, the better able you will be to demonstrate to us and the WRC the full extent of your claim.  Of course, you should never exaggerate what happened to you but, by the same token, you should not lose out on what you are entitled to because you forget how awful things were as time goes by.  One of the most important things you can do is to write things down as you go along so that you can refer back to your notes whenever you are asked about it.

Our background

We are a specialist employment law practice.  That means that every single day we’re dealing with our Client’s Data Protection and Privacy rights and ensuring that employers are respecting these.  We are perfectly placed to not only offer you advice on data privacy and protection concerns but to guide you through its complexities too. We’ve already built up years of experience working with individuals data protection rights, ensuring we’ve gained a comprehensive view of how to offer you the best level of guidance and support.

What we Do

Our dedicated team of professionals has huge experience working on behalf of and with workers in these types of situation. We have the legal knowledge required to guide you through this complex situation and give you the advice and support you need right now. We are experienced at resolving these types of claims quickly and effectively – often without you even having to face a drawn-out battle in Court. Our aim is to work for you to achieve the best possible outcome so that you can move on with your life. We will;
  1. Listen to You!
  2. Advise you on your legal rights;
  3. Take all the necessary legal steps required to make your voice heard and;
  4. Get you compensation.

With You, Every Step of the Way

Most of all, we will be with you, every step of the way and when push comes to shove, we will be your voice. Barrack Obama once said “one voice can change a room, and if it can change a room, it can change a city and if it can change a city it can change a nation and if it can change a nation it can change the world”.

Make your voice heard and help to change something…

Our service is confidential, discrete and tailored to each Client to fit their individual needs.  We will never disclose your information to others.

What do I need to Do Next?

Every month, we offer a select number of potential clients an opportunity to meet with one of our team for a free, no obligation, initial consultation to discuss the options available to you. At that meeting we will LISTEN and go through with you every aspect of your case and can give you clear advice about your options, what legal steps you can take to make this stop and we will also explain the whole process and the strengths and weaknesses of your case.  If you wish to proceed we will file your claim, draft written submissions and represent you at any Court hearing. Due to high demand and because we only work with a limited number of cases, we only offer 20 appointments a month.  We know that these appointments always fill up very quickly.  Contact us today to see how we can help you chose the outcome you want.  Please also remember that you only have two years from the date of your accident or injury to make your claim so don’t delay, the clock is ticking.  After that time limit passes, your claim is what’s called “statute barred” which means that you can’t make a claim at all after that.

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Call us today on 1890 88 90 90 or email info@employment-matters.ie to find out more about how we can help or click here to make a Free Online Enquiry and we will soon be in touch to help you.